Third wheels say let’s roll

6:36 pm June 1st, 2012

Neophyte candidates for County Council and state senator aren’t daunted by long odds and experienced opponents


By Pat Jenkins/The Dispatch

For his first run for public office, Corey Drury is up against two opponents who between them have won 13 elections and served 38 years in office.

And he doesn’t feel the least bit overmatched.

“I just have to work that much harder” to win votes, said Drury, a 25-year-old Republican candidate for Position 3 on the Pierce County Council.

For voters in the Graham and Eatonville areas, Drury is one of two third-wheel candidates in this fall’s election. The other is Jim Vaughn, a Republican running for state senator in the Second District. Both of them are political newcomers in races where the opposition is much better known and far more experienced in the political world and at campaigning.

State Rep. Jim McCune, a Republican, and Democrat Marilyn Rasmussen are the bigger-name candidates in the council race.

McCune is leaving the Legislature because redistricting – a process required by law that reshapes legislative districts to balance their populations – left him outside the Second District, which he represented for 10 years.

Rasmussen, meanwhile, is continuing her attempts at a political comeback after her own long tenure as a state legislator (22 years) that ended in 2008 with her loss in a bid for re-election to the Senate. She tried in the 2010 election to unseat McCune but lost. She also was an Eatonville School Board member for six years in the 1980s.

McCune and Drury will run against each other in the primary election in August, with the top votegetter moving ahead to face Rasmussen in the general election in November.

Vaughn has a similar scenario – a primary race against Sen. Randi Becker, who is seeking her second four-year term, and another experienced campaigner, Democrat Bruce Lachney, awaiting the Becker-Vaughn winner for the November runoff. Lachney lost a race in 2010 for County Council. He also is a former Eatonville School Board member.

A former military analyst who has a small farm in Orting and runs a business that helps military veterans find jobs, Vaughn is positioning himself as a non-establishment candidate. He’s critical of the state’s budget and its tax structure and insists on different approaches to both.

In campaign statements, Vaugh has said, “I am not going to Olympia to be politically correct and participate in the standard business practices that have our state in a financial disaster.”

Drury, too, sees his lack of experience in elected office as a plus when he’s compared to McCune and Rasmussen. “We need a fresh face, not a career politician,” he said.

His age, which is less than half of his opponents, and his lack of name familiarity with voters don’t have to hinder him, either, Drury said.

“I have to knock on five times as many doors and stand at more intersections to get noticed,” he said. “It’s about who will work the hardest. My opponents might have more experience, but they won’t outwork me.”

The Spanaway-area resident is an engineer for Pacific Northwest Backing in Sumner. Growing up, he was drawn to political science and similar courses at Spanaway High School and Pierce College. That background drew him into the council race.

“In my job, I know the importance of good management and spending money wisely,” he said. “And I’ve always been interested in politics. So when I saw that (Councilman Roger Bush, unable to seek re-election because of term limits) wasn’t running, I considered it an opportunity to get involved and try to make a positive change.”



State senator (four-year term)

James E. Vaughn (Republican)

(253) 241-9634

Randi Becker (Republican)

(360) 832-2926

Bruce L. Lachney (Democratic)

(253) 405-7525


State representative Position 1 (two-year term)

Gary Alexander (Republican)

(360) 951-7243

Greg Hartman (Democrat)

(360) 872-0404


State representative Position 2 (two-year term)

J.T. Wilcox (Republican)

(360) 458-6903


Pierce County

Executive (four-year term)

Pat McCarthy (Democrat)

(253) 414-1798

Bruce Minker (No party preference)

(253) 381-2707


Assessor-treasurer (four-year term, non-partisan)

Billie O’Brien

(253) 579-6626

Mike Lonergan

(253) 759-3252

Tim Farrell

(206) 431-8081

Spiro Manthou

(253) 677-1114

Dale Washam

(253) 840-3567


Sheriff (four-year term, non-partisan)

Paul Pastor

(253) 377-5390


County Council No. 2

Joyce McDonald

(Prefers Republican Party)

(253) 770-80612

Daniel (J.R.) Wikane (Republican)

(253) 606-3745

Jeffery Hogan (Republican)

(253) 279-3238


County Council No. 3 (four-year term)

Jim McCune (Republican)

(253) 732-0519

Corey J. Drury (Republican)

(253) 255-6933

Marilyn Rasmussen (Democrat)

(253) 847-3276


County Council No. 4

Connie Ladenburg (Democrat)

(253) 208-6522

Ken J. Grassi (Republican)

(253) 278-1946

Chris Nye (Republican)

(253) 380-4078

Sharon Benson (Democrat)

(253) 223-7159


County Council No. 6

Ann Dasch (Democrat)

(253) 884-4838

Doug Richardson (Republican)

(253) 581-9475


Superior Court

Position 1

James R. Orlando

(253) 565-1219


Position 2

Katherine M. Stolz

(253) 756-0434


Position 3

Christine Quinn-Brintnall

(253) 219-0481

Thomas P. Larkin

(253) 732-4584


Position 4

Bryan Chushcoff

(253) 759-9279


Position 5

John (Jack) H. Hill

(253) 318-3336

Vicki L. Hogan

(253) 370-6934


Position 6

Jack Nevin

(253) 732-8865


Position 7

Bev Grant

(253) 302-3138

Jerry Costello

(253) 686-4428


Position 8

Brian Tollefson

(253) 389-0071


Position 9

Edmund Murphy

(253) 303-2934


Position 10

Gary Johnson

(253) 229-9466


Position 11

John McCarthy

(253) 677-3377


Position 12

Antoni H. Froehling

(253) 208-8494

Stephanie Arend

(253) 306-5882


Position 13

James A. Schoenberger, Jr.

(253) 444-3111

Kathryn Nelson

(253) 973-8030


Position 14

Susan Keers Serko

(253) 383-5388


Position 15

Thomas J. Felnagle

(253) 565-2218


Position 16

Elizabeth P. Martin

(253) 278-2272


Position 17

Ronald E. Culpepper

(253) 566-4162


Position 18

G. Helen Whitener

Stan Rumbaugh

(253) 318-4621


Position 19

Linda CJ Lee

(253) 224-3442


Position 20

Kitty-Ann van Doorninck

(253) 593-6022


Position 21

Frank E. Cuthbertson

(253) 759-7416


Judge Position 22

John R. Hickman

(360) 402-1058

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