Car washes can make Sound cleaner, too

9:54 pm June 4th, 2012

Organizations can help keep Puget Sound clean during car wash fundraisers by checking out a fish-friendly car wash kit. The kits are available at several Pierce County locations. The kits keep soap, oil and other pollutants from entering storm drains and flowing into streams, lakes, rivers and the Puget Sound. The kits use a storm drain insert and a pump to send the dirty water to the sewer system or a grassy area where it can be filtered. “Soap and pollutants from cars can be particularly toxic to fish and other aquatic life,” said Dan Wrye, Public Works and Utilities water quality manager. “We encourage organizations to use these kits at their next car wash to help keep our waterways clean.” The kits come with a catch basin insert, submersible pump, garden hose, extension cord, and instructions, as well as a large sign that can be used to identify the car wash as fish-friendly. There is no charge to borrow the kits. For more information and a list of locations that offer the kits, visit or contact the Public Works and Utilities Surface Water Management Division at (253) 798-2725.

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