Auditor reviewing clerk case

2:20 pm June 7th, 2012

The firing of Eatonville’s town clerk for improper handling of town funds has led to a review by the state auditor.

Mayor Ray Harper dismissed clerk Crystal McGlone in May for what he termed an improper use of one of the town’s procurement cards, which authorized personnel can use to make official purchases on the town’s behalf. He said at the time.that McGlone’s actions were a violation of town policies, leaving him with no other choice than to dismiss McGlone immediately on the same day that a town investigation confirmed the alleged violation.

Harper said last Thursday that the auditor’s office conducted a review of the situation. He said representatives of the auditor haven’t indicated a final outcome of the inquiry.

He also said last week that while it initially appeared that any improper purchases with town funds by McGlone were paid back by her, the transactions were still under review.

Since the dismissal of McGlone, the clerk’s duties have been assigned to two other Town Hall employees. Harper said there are no plans to hire another employee to hire another employee and that the Town Hall staff will likely go forward with a smaller workforce.

Town officials are revising policies for use of procurement cards. Among other things, the cards will be given to personnel only on as-needed basis to make purchases.

There have been no other incidents of misuse of the cards, according to Harper.

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