For fun and relaxation, get hooked on fishing

2:27 pm June 25th, 2012

By Bob Brown

Fishing can seem to be a far out and strange sport to the non-angler. It can involve waiting on a river or stream bank for hours and hours and sometimes all day. There is also the possibility of getting cold or wet and going home emptyhanded and disappointed.
So with all this negativism, why would anyone be tempted to go fishing? Obviously, the primary reason is to catch fish, but beyond that, people enjoy fishing for a multitude of reasons. Fishing can be a great outdoor getaway and all about exploration, and it can be educational. We all lead busy lives, and now and then it is important to take a break and forget about the daily grind. Fishing can do that by allowing anglers time for their thoughts and time to reflect on recent events.
Camaraderie is another reason people take up fishing. Just as fishing is a good time to enjoy your own company, it is also a good time to get together with some friends. Also, revisiting the same fishing area can result in new friends being made. Since you share a common interest, you will find there will be no dull moments while waiting for a fish to get hooked. Catching a nice string of fish can be gratifying, but making new friends and fishing buddies can be much more rewarding. Fishing has always been a family-fun activity and something that will bring the family closer together. It is something that can be done for a short period of time or for a long period of time. You can go fishing when you are on a camping trip or when you have nothing better to do around the house. It is easy, fun and better than sitting at home doing the things you do daily.
Another perk about going fishing is that you don’t have to pay for using the water. Everything these days has a price tag, and an activity that doesn’t cost an arm and leg is hard to find.
There is really no downside to fishing, and there is no reason not to at least try it. Once tried, fishing can be a life-changing experience.

And the permit winners are …
Hunters who applied for a special hunt permit can now check the results of this year’s drawing at Holders of special permits can hunt at times beyond those authorized by a general hunting license. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is notifying applicants about the results of the drawing by e-mail and has posted the results on its web site. Successful applicants will receive their permits by mail by mid-July.

Chinook and sockeye forecasts
The 2012 forecast of 91,200 chinook to the Columbia River mouth is 113 percent of the 2011 return of 80,600 adults and would represent the highest return since at least 1980, said Joe Hymer, supervisory fish biologist for Pacific States Marine Fishery. Hymer also said the 2012 sockeye forecast is for a return of 462,000 fish, and it is expected 380,300 summer steelhead will pass Bonneville Dam this year, which is similar to the 2002-11 average of 383,700 fish.

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