Visitor dies at Mount Rainier on 4th

11:21 pm July 5th, 2012

A visitor at Mount Rainier National Park died Wednesday when he accidentally fell into a snow-covered creek.

The accident was reported Thursday afternoon by park officials who didn’t provide the victim’s name but did report he was from Kent. He was found by rescuers with his face submerged in water, but the cause of his death wasn’t available.

Officials said the man was sliding down a slope “in a controlled manner” with his son in the Edith Creek area of the Paradise meadows when he broke through a snow crust over the creek and fell below the surface of the snow. He was swept about 30 feet downstream,

underneath the snow, officials said.

His son went for help at Paradise.  A Rainier Mountaineering Inc. group that was training in the area were the first rescuers on the scene and helped pull the man from the stream. He was pronounced dead after being airlifted to a hospital, officials said.

Eight people have died on Mount Rainier this year. Two were park rangers – Nick Hall, who died while part of a rescue team June 21, and Margaret Anderson, who was shot by a gunman Jan. 1. The  others included climbers, high-altitude campers and the gunman who killed Anderson.

(Read more of this story in the July 11 print edition of The Dispatch)

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