Election update: Fire levy in dead heat

11:58 pm August 8th, 2012

After failing in early returns, Fire District 23’s levy pulled within one vote of passing in updated vote tallies Wednesday.

The measure had 105 votes for it and 105 against it in the new count. It needs a simple majority one way or the other to pass or fail.

The request for renewed, increased tax support for fire protection services in the Ashford, Elbe and Alder areas had a 52 percent no vote after initial returns on Tuesday, the day voting ended.

If the levy fails, the district will have to consider cutting services, officials said.

Proposition 1 asks voters to reauthorize an existing property tax levy and allow the district to raise the rate as much as 47 cents, from the current $1.03 per $1,000 assessed valuation to a maximum of $1.50.

Collection of the tax would begin in 2013. The revenue would help the district pay for fire protection and emergency medical services and personnel-related expenses, including training of firefighters.

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