Domestic violence services carry on with new advocate

3:20 pm August 10th, 2012

By Ruth Ferris

Contributing writer

The Eatonville Family Agency said a sad “Good-bye” to Janet Bunn, the domestic violence victim advocate who added an important program to their services for those in need.

We wished Janet well in her new job opportunity, but we worried about the future of this important program. It takes a very special person to respond intelligently and compassionately to those in crisis or to those living in fear of a partner.

We happily have an outstanding new victim advocate, Barbara Potter. Barbara has spent many years working as an advocate for those in need. Her breadth of experience is impressive. She spent many years working for the state of California as a youth counselor, and she brings to the job experience and comfort working with police, doctors and prosecutors.

Her goal is to raise awareness of the issue of domestic violence and to work on grants to get more funding to grow our small program, which serves a region that has a 600-mile radius. She will be assisted by Myrna Lopas, and they both are attending workshops and training classes this summer to keep their skills up to date.

Dumping of furniture is overwhelming agency

The Eatonville Family Agency seeks community help to deal with a problem it is beginning to find overwhelming.

Its building is being deluged with old furniture that is being dumped on its doorstep instead of being taken to a second-hand agency or to the dump. Its dumpster is being used by those who use it under the cover of darkness. Both are illegal dumping.

The saddest part of this dumping is that money and staff time, which are sorely needed for important programs for those in need, are having to be spent dealing with the junk of thoughtless dumpers. Please help us to discourage this trashing of our community center.

The staff does accept gently used clothing, but it should be left during hours that volunteers are available to assist clothing donors, preferably Thursdays 9 to 11:45 a.m. and 1 to 2 p.m. Nothing should be left outside our community center when it is closed.

Ruth Ferris is a member of the Eatonville Family Agency board.

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