Power outage hits Eatonville area

8:37 pm August 28th, 2012

Parts of the Eatonville area were without electricity for several hours Tuesday because of problems with a power substation

The outage, which began in the morning, was continuing well into the afternoon for the town of Eatonville power customers.

A transformer at the Lynch Creek substation malfunctioned at about 7:30 a.m., resulting in a blackout affecting the town and approximately 700 customers of Ohop Mutual Light. The Ohop customers were without power for about an hour, “some a little longer and some a little less,” until Ohop’s supply was switched to the Mashel substation, a spokeswoman for Ohop Mutual said.

Town customers are on a different electricity system. As of about 1:30, the town’s utility was estimating power would be restored to its customers at about 3:30, according to Mayor Ray Harper.  



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