Candidate disowns J.Z. Knight donation after video flap

4:28 pm October 30th, 2012

State Senate candidate Bruce Lachney has decided not to keep a campaign donation from controversial figure J.Z. Knight after a video surfaced in which she criticized the Catholic faith and its position on birth control.

Lachney’s campaign received $3,600 from Knight, the leader of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment. In response to the video of her that was widely disseminated online last week, Lachney said he will donate the money for educational scholarships.

“I met Ms. Knight only once,” Lachney said, referring to an invitation he accepted to meet her prior to her campaign donation. “Her thoughts and beliefs are her own. As a member of the same Lutheran church for more than 20 years, I find the language and tenor of her discourse disturbing.”

Lachney announcement that he won’t keep Knight’s campaign donation was made last Sunday, four days after Sen. Randi Becker, his opponent in the general election, issued a statement in response to the video. She condemned Knight’s “hateful and profane remarks about Catholics” and urged Lachney to “return the contributions” his campaign accepted from Knight.

In the video, Knight is seen and heard making profanity-laced comments about Catholics, Mexicans and birth control in an apparent speech or planned remarks.

Lachney is one of several candidates for the Legislature and Congress in Washington who received campaign donations from Knight. Becker didn’t.

The Ramtha School of Enllightenment, which takes its name from an ancient warrior and spiritual leader who Knight claims to channel, is based in Yelm within the Second District, where Becker and Lachney are battling for the district’s Senate seat. The school is called “an academy of the mind” by Knight’s organization. Outsiders call it a cult.

Knight’s official web site issued a statement last Friday, claiming that postings of the video weren’t authorized and that legal action might be taken because of a possible violation of copyright law.

Lachney said he’s confident that voters will pay more attention to issues such as education and the economy than the flap over Knight’s video.

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  1. Jim Vaughn Reply

    October 31, 2012 at 10:37 am

    As a Republican that ran against Bruce Lachney and Randi Becker in the primary, I am livid over the initial mailer that I received from the Republican Party – Senator Randi Becker. Rather than apologizing, a second mailer was sent out.

    To compound matters, her campaign created a disgusting website in addition to the mailers. Specifically, it combines different videos to create a false impression of Bruce Lachney, a former Marine Corps fighter pilot, retired delta airline pilot and cranberry farmer has led an exemplary life.

    Having campaigned against Bruce, I can say that he is a man of integrity. We share similar views in regards to budget, education, B&O tax, veteran issues and so on.

    Personally, I am embarrassed by the Republican smear campaign in regards to Bruce and JZ Knight (Bruce’s Elected Advisor – Come On). The Halloween scare tactic depicts a frightened Randi Becker who cannot run on a successful term in office. Elected officials represent everyone, JZ Knight included. My hat is off to Bruce for standing up for Democracy and EVERY CITIZEN.

    For the Republican Party to attack Bruce for talking to the citizens of a certain group, implies that they are only concerned with representing a specific group of individuals. Party doctrine all the way and this strikes of communism.

    Randi is still all about Randi. I am sorry, but not surprised, that her deceitful and illegal tactics against me in the primary have continued against Bruce. He deserves better. For that matter, we all deserve better than Randi representing her special interests. State Senators need to be professional and this is clearly missing in Randi Becker’s campaign.

    As a Republican, I want to apologize to Bruce. Not all Republicans feel this way nor do we believe these accusations. This website and Randi Becker needs to go away.

    Jim Vaughn
    Major, US Army Ret.
    Former Candidate for WA State Senate.

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