Forum: Trash, abortion and taxes

11:42 am March 26th, 2013

I enjoy receiving and reading The Dispatch each week. I applaud the Teen Focus column from Lydia Nyhuis (Feb. 27) regarding the “thoughtless or careless” individual who threw a bag of McDonald’s trash into the road. She was very kind in her description. I would have said inconsiderate, rude, crude, immature and shameful.
I have picked up many bags of trash/garbage from the roadsides in my area, anything from fast-food leavings to bags of used adult diapers. (No, I didn’t pick those up). Courtesy and respect is taught in the home, so parents, begin teaching.
I am appalled that the Reproductive Parity Act was passed by the state House of Representatives (Feb. 27, “State-level support for insurance coverage of abortions is making progress”). It is sad that so many people have no qualms about killing babies in the womb, but don’t take my tax money to accomplish that. Birth-control pills cost less than cigarettes/beer/booze or the lattes that are sold in abundance. Again, my tax money isn’t needed. Responsibility and accountability is needed.
And, we don’t want a 10-cents-per-gallon increase of gasoline (Feb. 27, “Higher state gas tax proposed”). The way our Legislature and federal government are clamoring for higher taxes for individuals and businesses, it won’t be long before no working person will have anything left of one’s paycheck.
Claudia Branham

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