Fake deliveryman charged in stabbing, robbery

10:18 am April 2nd, 2013

Pierce County authorities have charged a man who allegedly posed as a delivery driver with assault, burglary and robbery in connection with an incident that occurred last fall in Spanaway.
According to the county prosecuting attorney’s office, Brian Chong Han, 40, was pretending to be a delivery driver when he stabbed and robbed a woman Oct. 19, 2012.
Han, who was arrested last month, was arraigned last week in Pierce County Superior Court. Bail for was set at $500,000.
Prosecutors said Han knocked on the door of the victim’s home and stated he had a delivery. The victim opened her door and the defendant forced his way inside. He punched her in the face, stabbed her in the chest, pushed her into a chair and bound her with duct tape to the chair. He then took $500 and jewelry from the home before drove away in the woman’s car, according to authorities.
The victim freed herself and went to her neighbor’s home to call 9-1-1 for help. She was taken to the hospital and had surgery for a collapsed lung.
Pierce County Sheriff Department deputies located the woman’s car three blocks away from the crime scene. The vehicle had been abandoned. It took until last month for authorities to arrest Han.
During their investigation, detectives obtained a search warrant and found the victim’s credit cards, other forms of identification, and her jewelry box in Han’s home, authorities reported. He was arrested on March 23.

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