It’s onward and upward for our Teen Focus contributors

12:05 pm May 17th, 2013

Dispatch editor

Kids grow up and move on – and sometimes stop writing newspaper columns. Both apply to Lydia Nyhuis and Corrie Morgan.
Readers have become accustomed the last few years to the sisters’ names and their interesting perspectives that they shared in the Teen Focus column every week. They took turns – alternating week to week – writing about life, people, family relationships and their own self-admitted quirks. Most recently, they’ve been sharing a lot of their thoughts about heading into young adulthood, including rites of passage such as driving and getting a job.
Which leads to this: Both young ladies have told us that May is the last month they’ll write for The Dispatch. It’s time to move on, they say, and I couldn’t be happier for them. It’s an exciting time of life they’re starting.
“I’ve enjoyed writing immensely, and I hope to be able to continue at some point, using what I’ve learned through writing these articles,” Lydia said. But, she added, “I’m only going to be a teen for another year, regardless.”
In her own case, Corrie noted she’s finishing high school in June “and moving from part-time to full-time work hours.”
“It’s been a pleasure writing,” she said. “I look forward to contributing my last few articles.”
So do we, and we feel the same way about Lydia. Reader comments I’ve received on their columns have been nothing but positive – and for good reason. Lydia and Corrie write with a wisdom and awareness that seem beyond their years. Through their well-turned words, they demonstrate a self-effacing wittiness, deep thinking and a keen ability to engage readers in young but mature viewpoints. If you haven’t read their stuff, I highly recommend taking a moment to catch them before they’re done.
Time flies. The photos below of Lydia and Corrie were taken in 2010, the year they started penning Teen Focus. Now their focus is elsewhere, and I wish them all the best.
If another teen wants to pick up where they’re leaving off, The Dispatch would be happy to give him or her the same oportunity Lydia and Corrie have used so well.

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