Bethel students win state history title

5:17 am May 28th, 2013

Bethel High School is back at the top of Washington’s history game.
The National History Day state championship that Bethel won this month is the school’s second, coming eight years after the first title in 2005.
Officially known as the state Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Outstanding School Award, the “state cup” goes to the team whose projects garner the highest total rankings in the final round of competition. Bethel tallied 34 points by finishing with two second-place projects, three third-place projects, two fourth-places and three fifths.
Coach Jim Sawatzki remarked, “This is the best History Day team Bethel High has ever produced. In multiple areas of comparison, the 2013 team far surpasses the state championship team of 2005.”
Bethel’s Taylor Mamaril, Britt McCracken, Tiffany McDaniel, Peyton Schwartz and Lisa Thompson will represent Washington at the History Day national competition that will be held June 8–13 at the University of Maryland. Mamaril and McCracken qualified with their exhibit “The Boldt Decision: Turning Point for Native American Treaty Rights.” McDaniel, Schwartz and Thompson earned their spot in the nationals with with their play titled “Margaret Sanger: Turning Attitudes Regarding Reproduction.”
First or second-place finishers advanced to the nationals, where 2,000 students from all 50 states and U.S. Department of Defense schools from overseas will compete.
Coach Jim Sawatzki said this year’s team is the best “Bethel has ever produced. In multiple areas of comparison, it far surpasses the state championship team of 2005.”
This theme for this year’s state competition was “Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, Events.” In the finals May 4 at Bellevue College,. 35 Bethel students competed in the 59-school event.
National History Day competition at the state and national levels is held throughout the school year and involves more than 700,000 students nationwide.
In addition to fnishing econd in the group exhibit category, Mamaril and McCracken received the Washington State Archives Regional/Local Research Award.
Other top-five finishers for Bethel included:
• Leah Peterson and Julie Martell, whose group exhibit, “The ERA: Turning Point for Women’s Rights,” finished third. They also won the Washington State Archivist’s Award.
• Chloe McClellan with the third-place individual exhibit, “The Other Freud: Turning Points in Medicine”. She also won the National Archives Research Award.
• Stacey Baumes and Lyndee Faust, third in group performance with “Flappers: Turning Points in Gender Roles and Identity.”
• Quentin Main, Kyle Leonard and Nicole Taylor, fourth in group exhibit with “Turning Points in Cloning: From Weismann to Dolly.”
• Ruth Smitherman, fourth in individual performance with “Martha Graham: Breaking Tradition One Dance at a Time.”
• Tayler Kindsfather and Deidra McKnight, fifth in group exhibit with “Modern Art: Turning Perspective on its Head”
• Lucien Benvenutti, fifth in individual documentary with “Space: A Turning Point in Human Imagination.”
• Trevor Hiscox, fifth in individual performance with “Darrow and the Evolution of Truth: A Turning Point in Scientific Freedom.” He also received the Washington State Supreme Court Award.

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