Rules of the road for deer

10:30 am May 30th, 2013

Please remember this is baby animal season. Please stop your vehicle and let the deer – the doe (mother) cross the highway. Always wait a minute for the fawn (the baby) to follow, and please wait again, because often there are “twins.” Please do not pass the car in front of you.
Thank you, in the name of the animals and other living things.
And perhaps some day your caring will be rewarded by a peson stopping their car for you. This is called caring – exchange of your deed.
Erika B.Joeres-Broska
(Editor: The writer is a part-time naturalist for Northwest Trek)

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  1. Eric Watson Reply

    May 30, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    Even if your listening to music or talking to your passengers….please….look far ahead for those shiney little eyes your head lights are reflecting in during the night. Keep your eyes posted for brown colors along the side of the road and watch the ditches constantly for anything hiding in them as they might be waiting for a time to cross. If you see anything slow down and lookin your mirror….honk excessively, and flash your break lights to alert those behind cos they dont know what you see. I was hit on Kapowsin Hwy when I was walking to Johnsons Corner. I know what a deer feels like when its hit. However, Im still living and Im greatful for having a healthy body. Your passengers have their lives in your hands and a deer through the front windsheild equals a bad time. Hugs to ya all

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