‘Quiet man with a big heart’ is Helping Hands Hall of Famer

2:24 pm May 31st, 2013

Dale Cronkhite isn’t the type to call attention to himself, but he got some anyway when Eatonville Family Agency named him as its first Helping Hands Hall of Fame member.
The honor was announced at the volunteer recognition luncheon hosted by the agency May 13 at Eatonville Community Center.
Cronkhite was a longtime volunteer for the Family Agency before stepping away earlier this year when his wife, Gail Elliott, retired as the agency’s executive director.
Lori Culver, the new executive director, said people familiar with Cronkhite “know that he is a quiet man with a big heart, and he is actually modest to a fault. He is a person who believes actions speak louder than words, and he was (at the agency) every day working hard for others.”
The Helping Hands Hall of Fame, which will be displayed in the lobby of the community center, is “a way that we can honor the amazing work of our volunteers,” Culver said.
She said Cronkhite and “the awesome and amazing Gail” are both missed “very much.”
During the recognition luncheon, Culver told the audience that Cronkhie, who didn’t attend the event, is “a man of few words,” but he always was willing “to take on tasks large and small.”
She noted that he did “so many different jobs for so many years. Listing everything that Dale did as a volunteer would take more time than we have.”
The non-profit Eatonville Family Agency has numerous volunteers for its programs and services, which include food and clothing banks, a backpack food program for schoolchildren, activities for seniors, rent and utility payments assistance, holiday food baskets, and a state Department of Social and Health Services outreach program.

Dale Cronkhite, with his wife, Gail Elliott. (Courtesy photo)

Dale Cronkhite, with his wife, Gail Elliott. (Courtesy photo)

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  1. Mesue Babcock Reply

    June 12, 2013 at 6:41 am

    Amazing people live around us it’s Fantastic that they are recognized for all there time and effert. Congratulations Dale!

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