Business and union challenges

4:31 pm June 17th, 2013

As always, I enjoy the editorials from Don C. Brunell and Adele Ferguson. I am sorry that the Teen Focus column is being discontinued. In response to the gentleman of several weeks ago who accused Don Brunell of opposing a state income tax and increased gas tax, I would ask, does he know what small businesses pay in taxes? Even a small, home-based business with one employee pays L&I tax, unemployment tax, the owner pays the entire personal SS tax and half of the employees, B&O tax on the gross income, even on business generated in other states and countries, although the written law is “B&O tax is paid on all sales and services generated in the state of Washington.” Then there is the yearly tax on office equipment that was paid for by the business. Computers, copiers, printers, software, etc which if one adds that all up will explain why so many small businesses (with 50 or more employees) can stay in business, especially with the Obamacare mandate of healthcare coverage, which is also a huge expense.
Another gripe is seeing the union picketing of Rainier View Market Place on 176th, shaming first the contractor, now the entire complex. This has been going on for months. I am sure that each non-union worker there is thankful to have a job, and is satisfied with his/her salary and benefits as they have constructed the complex in about half the time than other complexes/malls, etc. constructed by the unions.
Claudia Branham

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