Campground better late than never

9:15 am June 27th, 2013

The largest campground at Mount Rainier National Park is opening this week for the summer season, four weeks later than usual.
Cougar Rock Campground will start accepting campers today. Its original opening date of May 24 was delayed as a result of federal budget cuts that have forced the park to change its operations in order to reduce its budget by more than $600,000.
Also opening this week are the Sunrise Lodge and White River Campground, both on Friday. Their openings were unaffected by the budget cuts.
Other popular destinations within the park that will be open in time for the Independence Day holiday are Narada Falls Trail, which is open now but could close intermittently because of nearby road construction that creates potential for falling rocks, and Sunrise Visitor Center and Mowich Lake Road, which are scheduled to open July 3.

(Read more in the July 3 print edition of The Dispatch)

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