Authorities urge caution with fireworks

10:23 am July 3rd, 2013

The Pierce County fire marshal, using last year as an example of why, reminds the public to celebrate the Fourth of July safely.
Last year, Pierce County hospitals treated 34 firework-related injuries, according to the state fire marshal. Officials urge people to avoid serious injury by using fireworks cautiously.
Citizens can stay safe and play a significant role in reducing accidental fires by following a few simple tips:
• Only use fireworks in legal locations.
• Store fireworks out of children’s reach.
• Only use fireworks purchased from state-licensed fireworks stands.
• Keep pets safe and indoors.
• Always read and follow instructions.
• Only adults should light fireworks.
• Do not throw fireworks or hold in your hand.
• Never relight a “dud.”
• Always keep water handy.
• Soak used fireworks in water. onally, thousands of dollars in property damage are reported as a direct result of fireworks use.
Fireworks are banned city, county and state parks, and on school property.

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