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6:23 am July 29th, 2013

In the primary election ending Aug. 6 and the culminating general election in November, a familiar name among voters in the Eatonville School District will be missing among the candidates.
School Board member Bob Homan isn’t seeking re-election. After 10 years in office, he wants to remain involved with local education but on a less public level, possibly as a school volunteer. And he’s considering a possible return to elected politics some day at either the state or county level.
“I’m tired,” Homan said, explaining his decision to leave the board. “Someone with new energy needs to take my place.” No one filed for Homan’s seat in the initial candidate filing period in May, but John Lambrecht registered in an extended period. As the only candidate, he is virtually assured of election. Because he’s running unopposed, his name will appear only on the general election ballot.
Two other School Board seats up for election also will bypass the primary and be on the November ballot. Incumbent Ronda Litzenberger has only one opponent, David Jacobson, and another incumbent, Jeff Lucas, has no opposition.
Homan said he felt “a little sad at first” when he took himself out of the running, “but now I’m getting my arms around my decision.” After he leaves office at the end of this year, he noted, “I’m going to have a lot more time to do things that I haven’t had time for” while shouldering board duties.

Bob Homan isn't seeking re-election after 10 years as an Eatonville School Board member.

Bob Homan isn’t seeking re-election after 10 years as an Eatonville School Board member.

“I’ll find some ways to stay involved in schoools, just not at the level that I have been,” he said.
He’s confident that school buildings and other facilities are in good order and that the district is going in the right direction with its academics and leadership. The latter includes new superintendent Krestin Bahr, who’s been on the job since July 1. The former Tacoma School District administrator was hired by the board in May to replace Rich Stewart, who retired from the Eatonville post.
Homan, who’s an officer in the Renton Fire Department and plans to retire in four years, and his wife, Mary, have two college-age children who attended Eatonvllle schools. Homan’s community involvement has included PTA and coaching youth sports. As a board member, he was chairman of a facilties committee that was involved with planning renovations of schools, and he has been the board’s legislative representative, a role that includes serving as an education advocate on matters before the Legislature.
In non-school district affairs, Homan volunteered in the campaign of Greg Hartman, a fellow firefighter from Graham, who lost a race for state representative in 2012.
Homan may not be done with elective politics. He’s interested in a possible run for the Legislature or Pierce County Council. Whatever he does, “I just want to have a positive impact on the community where I live,” he said.

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