Schaub leading mayor race; Bowman second

8:30 pm August 6th, 2013

Treasurer Mike Schaub and Town Councilman Gordon Bowman emerged Tuesday as the frontrunners in the primary election race for mayor of Eatonville.
In early ballot counting after voting closed, Schaub was leading the four-way contest with 179 votes – nearly 40 percent of the total votes cast – to Bowman’s 139. If they’re still the top two when the results become official Aug. 20, Schaub and Bowman will face off in the general election in November to decide who will lead the town the next four years.
The other two candidates in the primary, Carl (Bud) Lucas and Jim Valentine, were trailing with 81 and 49 votes, respectively.
Schaub had 39.8 percent of the total votes and Bowman had 30.9 percent.
As qualifications to become mayor, all of the candidates cite their experience with Town Hall and related public service – Bowman as a councilman since 2009, Schaub as Eatonville’s elected treasurer the past six years and 19 years of working with state fiscal agencies, Valentine as a councilman for six years and a former town Planning Commission member, and Lucas as an ex-chief and former assistant chief, respectively, with the Eatonville and Tacoma fire departments.
The candidates also have focused on Eatonville’s financial stability, offering various approaches to improving it.

2 Responses to Schaub leading mayor race; Bowman second

  1. Eatonville Majority Reply

    August 7, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    Glad to see Mr. Bowman doing so well, especially after the so-called electronic “news” source for Eatonville was so rude to him. I know he is an upstanding citizen who would do good work in any position he held. Therefore, it was striking to see the other “news” source indicate he was not ‘a good man, decent or law-abiding.’ Unlike the electronic Eatonville “news” source, many people in the community respect and like Mr. Gordon. To think that someone would seemingly make such negative statements against a person based on the individual’s failure to complete a set of questions sent to him is crazy. Perhaps if the other “news” source actually acted like a news source and did not engage in character assassinations and adhered to journalistic standards, including identifying when reporting about themselves in their own story, they would be respected by all candidates in the community. Unfortunately for Mr. Valentine, who I am sure would also do well as Mayor, the strong endorsement from the electronic Eatonville “news” source is likely have a negative impact on his campaign.

  2. joe schmoe Reply

    August 8, 2013 at 12:04 am

    I am glad to see that someone besides Mr. Valentine winning. I am certainly sure he had a unique way of getting the Town of Eatonville fiscally stable. I am glad to see bowman doing well.

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