Worry about medical records

10:15 am August 27th, 2013

Are your medical records secure?
I am a pilot, and recently the FAA contacted me and wanted specific information on some prescription medications they said I had taken. I looked up the drugs’ names and found they were for nausea and vomiting. I had no idea when I would have taken them.
I called the local FAA office, and they referred me to the Cardiac Study Center in Tacoma. When I called there, they were able to immediately find my records, since they are on the same medical records system as MultiCare. It turned out that the drugs had been prescribed at the Eatonville clinic – three years ago.
If the FAA can look up my medical records at will, the government can, at will, look up yours. Bottom line: Your medical records, no matter how embarrassing, are no longer secure from prying eyes.
Gene Casey

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  1. John Reply

    August 29, 2013 at 8:11 am

    This is outrageous. Pilots suffer more bureaucratic harassment then almost any other group. The FAA rules by edict, and a pilot is essentially powerless short of suing at his own expense. In all of general aviation there are about 450-500 deaths a year. Of those, a few percent are from medical reasons. If was 10%, probably a high figure, that would be 45-50 deaths a year from medical incapacitation. Consider that around 750 deaths a year occur in boating accidents, 4500 in motorcycle accidents, 600 in bicycle accidents, 50 from lightning strikes, 40 from falling out of bed, 35,000 in car accidents. None of these have medical certification requirements. In light of this, do we really need a major federal bureaucracy policing 45-50 deaths a year as does the FAA? Obviously no, its only about FAA bureaucratic money and power, not any rational relationship to risk.

    The government is massively usurping our privacy. This is yet another example. The writer, if he can afford it, should get legal advice to see if a suit against the FAA for privacy violation has any chances.

  2. Jumapili A. D. Ikuseghan Reply

    October 7, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    You should be concerned about anything that has to do with multi care. They pay their leadership millions and millions of dollars event though they are a non profit tax payer supported organization. They are also accused of filing fraudulent liens on trauma victems. On the lowest end this would be 50million dollars in theft… THAT IS THE LOW END

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