Schools in great shape to welcome back students

2:36 pm September 6th, 2013

I am so impressed with the way the Eatonville schools look as we get ready to launch into another school year. Kudos to the maintenance staff that have invested hours through the summer to make sure the outside and inside of our schools are looking their best.
If you have not recently walked around the grounds of Eatonville High School or around the track behind Eatonville Elementary School, please do so. You will find these spots to be the nicest-looking yards in town. The landscaping from our recent remodel of the schools has grown in beautifully, and the grass is like a green carpet.
Inside, the halls have been waxed and buffed, shining like new, carpets cleaned, and walls painted where needed.
I encourage you to take a moment to note the care invested into our schools by the team of people often behind the scenes. Our schools reflect our Eatonville pride.
Sally King

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