Put conditions on food stamps

5:55 pm September 9th, 2013

As always, when I get The Dispatch in my mailbox, I read it from cover to cover. I always enjoy Adele Ferguson’s column. She is usually right on, and I agree with what she says. May she keep on writing for many years to come.
Re: Janey Thornton’s article on child obesity (Aug. 28, “Turning the tide on childhood obesity can begin at home”), there was no mention of parental responsibility or accountability. We do need to encourage healthy eating and make sure no child goes hungry. However, we don’t need to raise a bunch of children to depend on the government for their three squares a day.
If a family is receiving food stamps, there should be conditions. How about this? They can’t be used for Twinkies, chips, Oreos, Kool Aid, candy, and any kind of junk food. Those of us who purchase our own meals (which we do often for grandchildren, great-grandchildren and the food bank) make sensible choices. Food stamps should pay for fruits, veggies, protein/meat, milk, eggs, etc.
Many families who are on food stamps or are getting weekend and summer food from the schools also use the local food banks regularly for their personal super markets. Somewhere along the line, things have gotten out of whack, and now the taxpayers are forking out more and more.
By the way, if one delivers donations of food to the food banks, one sees many people waiting in line and smoking a cigarette. My feeling is that if someone has the money for cigarettes, they have money for food.
This said, I will purchase the sale produce items at Safeway and deliver them on Sunday to our church’s food pantry.
Claudia Branham

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  1. michelle Reply

    September 13, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    Maybe you should actually think about things. First of all I never wanted to raise kids on food stamps. My children aren’t obese, I dont wait in line at the food bank every week as a super market. Some people have no choice but to use/recieve food stamps. I’ve always worked til a year ago when i got breast cancer. Believe me, it’s embarrassing having to use them. So there are PLENTY of people who take advantage of the government. I was still under the impression we lived in America, can live free and do what we want, eat what we want. Just saying how many more rules do americans need??:-)

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