What about this compensation?

4:36 pm September 20th, 2013

Columnist Adele Ferguson’s rant about the Clintons’ speech compensation (Aug. 21, “Reagan once spoke his mind as a Democrat – and probably for free”) conveniently neglected to include some other such payments.
In October 1989, in Japan, Ronald Reagan received $2 million (yes, million, 1989 dollars) for two 20-minute speeches and some smiley handshakes. President “gonna keep a low-profile quiet life” George W/ Bush, in his first couple years out of office, gave 140 speeches that earned him $15 million.
Want to hear a rant, Adele? How about the total amorality of you and your ilk spending $100 million on the Whitewater investigation (and finding nothing) and $4 million on the 9-11 investigation and finding …
Harold Fish

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