One dead after head-on crash

1:06 pm September 22nd, 2013

A motorcycle rider from eastern Washington died and a Graham man was injured in a head-on collision Sunday on State Route 162 near Orting.
According to the State Patrol, the motorcyclist was Stuart W. Hancock, 53, of Chelan. Troopers said he was westbound on the highway when it crossed the centerline and collided with a pickup truck driven by Tyler R. Smith, 26, of Graham. Smith was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital for treatment. His injuries weren’t disclosed.
The accident occurred east of Orting.

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  1. Eric Watson Reply

    September 23, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    So sad. Young man obviously dint care about the speed limit. In more cases than ever bikers die because they just dont care. I have been riding since I was 13. Two years after my cousin was killed in a bike accident. Another motorcycle (CB750), at a high speed ran over him while he was on a mini bike. Had a dream and told my cousin I would take him riding with me when I get my bike. Ever since, I have been riding with him and with out problems. Im 50 in a bit and have seen some really bad bike crashes. Each one makes me think of a way to avoid harm. For those who ride and read this… most cases its the biker who is in the wrong so do yourselves a favor and pay attention to those who are around you. Hugs and best wishes to ya all.

  2. Jake Reply

    October 3, 2013 at 11:19 pm

    @Eric Watson The motorcycleist came into oncoming traffic going at least 75-120 smith is a personal friend of mine and he told me about the whole thing. I live not to far from the accident scene and saw some of the first responders go by. He was from the chelan area and didn’t know this area to well and was going way to fast for the road which is labeled at 45mph. May your cousin R.I.P and may this man who was struck also R.I.P and unfortunately one bad choice can make your life end. My grandfather passed away in a motorcycle accident in oregon but we do not know if foul play was involved or not. Prayers to the family of this biker who passed and prayers to your family as well. And prayers to the smith family! Stay safe and ride on! ~Jake

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