No place for negative campaigning

4:20 am October 30th, 2013

I just wanted to respond in regard to the campaign door hanger that was delivered around town in the last week. I was very disappointed by the negative statements issued and personal attack against me. I know negative campaigning is a method used by some during elections, but I feel it doesn’t have a place in any campaign. I believe the strengths of the candidates and their vision for the future is what people want to know about and not the put-down of another candidate with malicious statements.
I hope citizens of Eatonville will take the time to ask questions and gather more information to get the full story when negative campaigning is used, rather than believe the statements to be fact. Most often, and in this case, issues are used and facts are spun in such a way to make the other look incompetent.
I felt the need to address these statements and provide people with the full information, which I did on my Facebook page. It is unfortunate and disappointing to see the campaign go this direction and not focus on the strengths the candidate can bring to the position. If citizens have any questions or want more information, I would encourage them to seek me out, and I would be happy to discuss this or other issues they may have. I would encourage voters to cast their ballot by Nov. 5.

Mike Schaub, candidate for mayor of Eatonville

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