Scare tactics in mayor race don’t fool anyone

4:26 am October 30th, 2013

Just when I thought everything had cooled down, I hear of someone hanging door knockers and making Facebookpostings full of innuendo, half- truths and outright falsehoods regarding Mike Schaub. These personal attacks accuse this fine man running for mayor of Eatonville of all kinds of malfeasance.
One of the charges was something I know of and am involved with is the funds of the Bud Blancher (not Blanchard, as the postings said) trail fund. I have been a careful watchdog of these funds, as Bud was a good friend of mine, and have been to many meetings concerning the project. I am satisfied nothing fishy occurred. Both candidates for mayor were town officials during the time of the alleged irregularities. I went to several Town Council meetings and asked them all straight up about the funds. I received satisfactory answers and am convinced the trail will be built and be a great asset to the community.
I simply can’t believe the rest of the allegations have any merit. Last couple of years was a huge crisis for the town of Eatonville, and in my opinion it was handled pretty well. Three bounced checks? Pfffft! Big deal. Lot of towns and cities went bankrupt. We are in fine shape because we were in good hands.
Now the question is who did this? In my opinion it’s a real no-class act to attack someone personally like that. It happened in the last election and I was disgusted by it. Shows bad judgement and frankly stupidity as things like this the candidate being unfairly attacked.
Mike Schaub is an extremely competent and moral person, and these deceptive scare tactics don’t fool anyone. I prefer his vision of Eatonville over his opponent’s. I do not want to see a bunch of fast-food joints on every corner, andn the unique, quaint, pretty little place idea is more in line with my personal vision. I urge any undecided voters to please consider Mike Schaub for mayor of Eatonville.

Martin Miller

2 Responses to Scare tactics in mayor race don’t fool anyone

  1. agstr Reply

    October 30, 2013 at 7:15 am

    Agreed, well said

    • Susan Trinidad Reply

      November 3, 2013 at 7:53 pm

      This seems like an issue our town deals with a lot; gossip is truth and the truth is irrelevant. A community full of Churches should be a town that has little to do with hearsay,rumor,and slanderous remarks. Why do we always look for the worse in each other instead of the best? I would like to have leadership that sets the tone for a positive, supportive community.

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