County puts lid on pot sales

4:05 pm December 13th, 2013

Pierce County will block legalized sales of marijuana as long as there’s a conflict between state and federal control of the drug.
The County Council Tuesday won its struggle with County Executive Pat McCarthy by overturning her veto of council legislation that prohibits licensed marijuana vendors and manufacturers from doing business until Congress removes pot from the list of controlled substances under federal law.
Five of the seven council members voted to override the veto. They included Councilmen Jim McCune and Dan Roach, whose districts include south Pierce County.
The council’s position goes against the wishes of voters in Pierce County and statewide who approved legalized marijuana sales for recreational users by passing Initiative 502 in the 2012 election. Since then, the state Liquor Control Board, which will regulate marijuana businesses, has set regulations and begun taking applications from prospective growers, producers and sellers of marijuana. The state will allow 31 such businesses in Pierce County.

(Read more in the Dec. 18 print edition of The Dispatch)

One Response to County puts lid on pot sales

  1. agstr Reply

    December 13, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    Many thanks to Jim McCune and Dan Roach. Marijuana grow operations for drug abuse: do not encourage it. History has shown that it will draw criminal elements to create monopolies run by violent, organized syndicates.

    Read some Pierce county history to be aware of the risks for corrupting local government. There are enough challenges already to keeping our communities as desirable places that promote family well-being.

    The promotion of drugs and gambling is a clear indictment of dysfunctional government and communities. Instead of ‘paying it forward’ our children will be billed the costs of these proposed ordinances, if implemented. Why does government feel the need to genuflect before greed? What were they smoking??? Perhaps we should have an ordinance that says ‘no smoking while governing’….it would be a better use of tax-payer resources.

    At one time there was a viable industry for growing hemp to supply industrial needs and uses, an industry which was destroyed by federal drug legislation and regulation. Petroleum-based chemical industries probably had something to do with lobbying efforts to muscle-out agricultural enterprises from yet another market beneficial to local economies.

    Industrial hemp contains very low amounts of the psycho-active ingredient; it essentially cannot be abused as a mood-altering drug. There is a small company in Oregon which markets hemp oil as a ‘green’ wood preservative……but I suppose that is too much rational information to comprehend for politicos.

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