Wise leaders and less government control

4:45 pm January 10th, 2014

Thanks to Don Brunell for his informative piece on the philanthropy of large corporations, banks, business, etc. (Jan. 1, “Business philanthropy keeps holiday spirit all year”). There are thousands of them that weren’t and couldn’t all be mentioned. I could fill pages with names of wonderful charitable organizations who are first to respond to any tragedy way before the government responds. Today, when we hear so much about income distribution and income equality, it can become very sickening. Poor people can’t help poor people, and those who think it is fair for hard-working people to share their income with people who don’t want to work hard is ludicrous and stupid.
Also, thanks to Don for his previous article about the ethanol shuffle and the pact that Governor Inslee signed with California, pledging to support cap and trade, which most sensible people know, by now, is more stupidity. $4.50 to $5 per gallon when many working folks are barely making it now, many with part-time jobs, many commuting long distances to work? California is going down the slippery slope to bankruptcy; why does Inslee want to copy them? And doesn’t Inslee read all the reports and research that say that ethanol is bad for automobile engines? And, using corn/plant crops for fuel takes food out of the market and causes prices to go up. More research that says this global warming/climate change is dubious at best and a farce at worst?
My dream is to elect wise, intelligent people to the governorship, Legislature and Congress – people who will quit drinking the Kool-Aid and act fiscally responsible, find a way to impose less taxes, and get our economy moving in the spirit of free enterprise. Keep the government’s control out of our lives, and that means Inslee.
Claudia Branham

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