Eatonville schools levy not an increase

9:12 am January 14th, 2014

(Re: Eatonville School District levy that will go before voters in February)
I am not thrilled with our tax rate, but, this levy is at the same rate as the last levy. It is not an increase.
The cost of living has continued to increase, so this levy is a cut in spendable dollars from prior years. It is not an increase.
State and federal governments cut funding and continue to underfund local schools, necessitating the need for the levy. If you want to see the local tax rate decrease, I suggest lobbying our state and federal representatives and getting the state to meet the court-mandated increase in school funding.
Many people choose a community in which to live based on the quality of education in the community. Undercutting our schools will turn away potential homebuyers, thereby further shrinking our tax base, potentially increasing the tax rate to cover basic services (sewers, storm water, etc.) costs that remain constant, whether or not houses are occupied.
Karelina Resnick

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