Elderly woman break-in victim twice

1:59 pm January 16th, 2014

Recent incidents in one of the town’s neighborhoods have prompted Eatonville Police officials to remind citizens to immediately report suspected criminal activity.
Police chief Jason McGuire said last Friday that an elderly woman’s house on Antonie Avenue was broken into twice in the past week. She didn’t confront the intruder, and she wasn’t injured, McGuire said.
She also wasn’t able to provide a description of the apparent burglar, though McGuire said the intruder, believe to be a male, likely suffered cuts from breaking through a window during one of the break-ins. in the other incident, someone apparently entered the house with the use of a remote-control garage door opener.
Other neighbors on Antonie Avenue have reported thefts of mail and possible attempts at breaking into vehicles, but they told police well after the incidents occurred, according to McGuire.
“Anyone who believes they’ve been the victim of a crime should call us right away in order to help us with any investigation,” the chief said.
The police department can be reached at 360-832-6111.

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