Recreational marijuana: Your tax dollars at work

11:27 am January 22nd, 2014

Regarding the article about marijuana sales in Pierce County, County Councilman Doug Rickardson was the lone dissenter on Ordinance 111. One of his reasoning is that the Legislature will be taking up the issue of medical marijuana. We all know that the Legislature is known for running issues through that have not been popular or wanted by a majority of Washingtonians. As Councilman Jim McCune stated regarding the money allocated for Community Connections, designated for programs to deter youth violence, only 81 negative responses came back, and 23 were from out of state, 15 from other counties and 43 mostly from the county’s urban areas. I wonder it that includes Seattle? Only two were from his council district. The point being that out-of-state money and influence was largely responsible for the passage of this marijuana recreational use, which has been the case with this and other legislation and initiatives.
It was reported on national news that since this initiative passed, DUIs have increased 50 percent in this state. I am sure most of them took place in Seattle/King County, where it has also been shown on national news the huge numbers of teenagers smoking dope.
Anyone who thinks recreational marijuana is no big deal should visit a mental health facility and observe how many patients are pot smokers and how many are repeat patients. Your tax dollars at work.
Claudia Branham

4 Responses to Recreational marijuana: Your tax dollars at work

  1. Stacy Emerson Reply

    January 22, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Talk about mixing apples and oranges.

    And “only 81 negative responses came back…” – ONLY 81?

    The issue of Jim McCune’s $7,000 allocation to Child Evangelism Fellowship (an organization which uses public schools to tell children–under the guise of “teaching”–that they have black hearts, as do their parents, if they have not accepted CEF’s way of believing), as far as I’ve heard, was the hottest issue in a very, very long time, therefore more letters were received on this issue–negative letters as you point out–than any other local issue.

    Despite McCune’s (and apparently your) :logic”, the Constitution protects The People from such funding of religious activities, and The People spoke up to remind him. The fact that “Only two were from his council district” is irrelevant due to the money he allocated came from ALL taxpayers of the county–not just D-3.

    You and McCune ought to be relieved that The People’s effort won in the end and caused the diversion of the money to another organization, for otherwise he (and his defenders too) would be responsible for the suits that surely would have followed.

  2. Eric Reply

    January 22, 2014 at 4:02 pm

    People using tax payers money is better than the government partying our money away. If you haven’t noticed our sales tax is 10%. The fuel tax has increased umpteen times and the Governor didn’t get the raise he wanted so he smoked us on other issues. Such as the fuel tax to fix the military problem with I-5. So, if there are places for who ever to use and it uses the tax payers money then I say YEAY Keep up the good work. If you all think that the government is doing good with our money then I think you should remind yourselves of WOOPS scandal where no one went to jail and the people in the permit department smiled that money away. Taxes were only meant to be when America was at war during the Civil war. The war within the sides of our country. Now its a government war against the public. Where does all our property taxes go? Really? TRILLIONS…Not billions.

  3. Scott McElhiney Reply

    January 22, 2014 at 6:58 pm

    Why is Claudia mixing separation of church and state with recreational marijuana regulations?

    Out of state money and influence responsible for passage of the recreational marijuana initiative?

    Interesting viewpoint, how exactly did they influence the council member’s district along with all the other ones in Pierce County to pass it by a majority vote? EVERY district.

  4. Frank Blair Reply

    January 22, 2014 at 9:20 pm

    Boy. This commentary is all over the map. I keep a pretty close eye on DUI trends for reasons I won’t get into here. I am curious as to where “50% increase in DUI” since 502 passed came from. Since the initiative hasn’t actually gone into effect yet I find that correlation curious. So King county is supposedly the center of this epidemic of DUI? I’m sure the Metro Police would find that characterization interesting. “It has been reported that” is a good statement to try when you have NO idea what you are talking about and have no actual statistics to back your claim. But it rings hollow to those of us who actually do the work to affect change. As for funding a right-wing “evangelical” group with taxpayer money, Stacy is right, it WOULD have spawned more taxpayer funded lawsuits than the Washam suits. I would address more of your pointless, rambling diatribe but I have serious work to do with serious people who actually work hard to keep our roads safer.

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