Rethinking yes votes for Bethel levies

1:08 pm February 3rd, 2014

We have always voted yes for levies in the Bethel School District. However, we are rethinking it for the following reasons.
It has been promoted that the current 4.4 percent per $1,000 of home value will continue. However, it will actually be 5.5 percent, and with the requested technology addition, it will be 6.26 percent. They want to purchase computers for each student from elementary through high school, computers that can be taken home with the student. It is a fact that many students don’t take care of their books. Why should we think they will take care of a computer? Many homes are dysfunctional, so how many computers will be stolen or sold? Besides this, doing more work on the computer takes away an important visual of, for instance, learning cursive writing and learning math factors/multiplication instead of using a calculator, which is an important component of future jobs/professions, etc.
I am sure that if the school officials want to buy computers/technology, then there is plenty of money to be found elsewhere.
Instead of early dismissal/late arrivals that require the expense of a bus fleet five days a week (I know that there are too many four-day weekends and days off), how about four-day school weeks with no extra days off? How about those in the administration that earn $200,000 adjusting their wages?
I am totally against this so-called income equality gaining speed, but those who choose education as a career know going in that they can’t earn the same incomes as those who risk their own money and time, invest, work hard  for long hours, and eventually build large incomes.
As an after-thought, most homes have computers, iPhones, tablets, desktops, notebooks, so incorporate those in the students’ homework activities.
Claudia Branham

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