Reward for help solving break-ins

2:49 pm February 6th, 2014

A financial incentive has been added to the Eatonville Police Department’s request for the public’s help in solving a string of crimes in one of the town’s neighborhoods.
Police chief Jason McGuire said last Friday athat a $1,000 reward reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for recent break-ins on Antonie Avenue North. The Police Department can be contacted at 360-832-6111.
The public previously was invited by authorities to share any information that could be related to the cases after an elderly woman’s house was broken into twice in a one-week period. The woman didn’t confront the intruder, and she wasn’t injured, according to authorities.
She also wasn’t able to provide a description of the apparent burglar, though McGuire said the intruder, believe to be a male, likely suffered cuts from a broken window during one of the break-ins. In another incident, the house apparently was entered with the use of a remote-control garage door opener. Since then, the house has been broken into a third time, McGuire said last week.
Other neighbors on Antonie have reported being the victims of mail thefts and possible attempts at breaking into vehicles, but they told police well after the incidents occurred, according to McGuire.

One Response to Reward for help solving break-ins

  1. Eric Watson Reply

    February 8, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    I have a great idea. I hope it makes sense. Break ins are caused by a lack of money. In most cases anyway. SO, if the fuel prices dropped even more to a good low…and regain the DSHS income to those who suffer from 1000% below the poverty level….then maybe the poor people wont have the need to break in and rip off innocent people. DSHS and Christine Gregoire cut back on the poor. Those who got aid was 339$ a month. It went down to 197$ a month. Even food stamps were cut from 200 to 189. This is to people who have ZERO income. My son 29 years old has tried to find steady employment. Due to his lack of education, his criminal history no one wants to keep him around. SO he depends on DSHS for income and life sustaining aid. If the poor had help, the fuel prices would be more realistic, and the prices of everything went down then our crime rate would also drop. In my opinion.

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