Adam D. Norton

1:53 pm February 13th, 2014

ADAM-NORTON-obit-webAdam D. Norton passed away on Friday, February 7, 2014 from natural causes at age 38 at his home in Eatonville, Wash. He was a beloved and active member of our community, always happy to help whereever he could without thinking twice about it. Adam had a contagious smile, a wonderful sense of humor and a beautiful heart. His family meant the world to him, as did his friends. He was a devoted dad and husband. To know him was to love him, because you knew he loved you, too! He was the biggest Seahawks fan, who proudly hung a 12 flag year-round at our house. Watching them win the Super Bowl was a dream come true.
He was a blessing to this world. He is survived by his wife, Tracey, and three sons, Hunter, Baley and Cannen; his mom and dad, MarySue and Bill; his sister, Lacy, and brother, Aron. The loss we feel is tremendous, but there is peace knowing he lived a full and very happy life, even though it was cut short.
Memorial plans are in the process of being made. There is a memorial fund at Key Bank to assist with expenses his family will face in the future. GO HAWKS!

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