Decision favors Mount Rainier-area resort

2:16 pm February 14th, 2014

The developers of a proposed resort near Mount Rainier are making enough progress and should continue with their plans, a Pierce County hearing examiner has ruled.
Stephen Causseaux Jr. issued his decision Feb. 11 after hearing testimony at a public hearing Jan. 15 in Tacoma.
The hearing was held to determine whether there has been enough progress on the project to keep it viable. No construction of the resort has occurred since plans were initially revealed nearly 20 years ago.
Representatives of the developer, BCB Group, testified that work on the project has continued despite financial setbacks caused by downturns in the economy, plus other factors involving the project’s chief backers.
Causseaux agreed that the project has made “reasonable progress,” but also said limiting factors “are now resolved and future progress on completion of the project should be as originally contemplated.”
Mount Rainier Resort at Park Junction is proposed for about 400 acres off State Route 706, halfway between Elbe and Ashford and 11 miles from Mount Rainier National Park. Plans call for a 270-room guest lodge, 300 condominiums, an 18-hole golf course, a conference center with a 500-person capacity, 20,000 square feet of space for retail stores, and restaurants, tennis courts and a swimming pool. It also would have a train station, its own sewage plant and housing for 120 employees.
(Read more in the Feb. 26 print edition of The Dispatch)

One Response to Decision favors Mount Rainier-area resort

  1. Eric Watson Reply

    February 15, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    OMGosh…scratch that stupid golf course. DO you know how boring that game is and how few even take the time to play it. Even watching them is boring as heck. How about something more useful. Like GoKarts for kids and adults to enjoy, We dont need a billion acres of land to smooth out for that …. maybe an acre. Who ever thought of the Golf idea near the mountains has been drinking way to much BOOZE or been aching for them perkasets again. Im telling ya. Here is some support to this comment. Remember west of Lake Tapps right off West Valley HWY where acres of grass farming produced many acres of turf every year, supporting many farmers and workers as well. That GOLF COURSE in SUMNER on Stewert Road, or Lake Tapps Parkway East or off 167 Jovita Blvd that was closed due to lack of interest or customers. There is enough golf courses around. How about something interesting like a roller coaster or something that can be used year around. Golf courses are high maintenance, high cost and a waist of money to invest in. Unless you charge someone $10,000 each time that someone wants to play it.

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