Moms and young kids can find friends and playmates

8:18 am March 14th, 2014

(Editor’s note: Welcome to the first installment of a new personal-advice column in The Dispatch, written by Tillie Vuksich. The Eatonville resident offers life advice and a fresh perspective. Expect that advice to be constructive and upbeat, as she prides herself on having “a big heart and a positive outlook on life.”)

By Tillie Vuksich
Dear Tillie,
My husband and I moved out of the city to raise our two young children. We love living in the country, but after months of settling into our new home, we’re realizing that making friends is not as easy as when we lived in the city. How do I meet other moms and find playmates for our children when they aren’t school-aged and it’s a good drive to town, let alone the neighbor’s house? I really don’t want to turn into a hermit.
Seeking Friendship
Dear Seeking,
Raising kids in the country has so many advantages, but you are right, until they reach school age you will have to find ways to meet new people. But you will, and I can help.
During the winter, the parks are out of the question, but come spring they will be full of families enjoying the great outdoors. Once the weather allows, a picnic at the park will be your best bet to interact with families and potential pals.
The local library is a fun place to meet new families, also. The librarians are always planning exciting programs for the children that are free, educational and entertaining. Stop by and pick up the calendar of events, or you can look it up online at
Subscribing to the local newspaper is a great idea because it offers a wealth of information on programs, events, churches, clubs and groups in your area. Plus, keeping abreast of local happenings gives you a good understanding of your area and can help when you need a good conversation-starter. Subscribe online at
Getting involved with the community as a volunteer is always a wonderful way to meet like-minded people. Caring for your new community and giving of your time and talents will reward you with a sense of belonging and is sure to be the start of many new friendships.
I wish you all the best and welcome you to town. Don’t be a stranger.

Tillie Vuksich lives in Eatonville. Send your questions to

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