David Hollis

3:51 pm April 9th, 2014

David Andrew Hollis passed away on March 29, 2014 at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, WA after a long battle with cancer. He was preceded in death by his mother, Jill Morris of Eatonville WA. David is survived by his father Pete Hollis and his step-mother Prapai of Lacey, WA, grandfather Claude D. Hollis and his wife Evelyn of McCleary, WA, brother-in-law Tom Smith, sister Lori (Hollis) Smith, nephew Levi Smith, niece Summer Smith of Eatonville, and step-brother Michael Davis of Dayton, Ohio, as well as many aunts, uncles and cousins. David was born at Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana on June 10, 1968. David lived the majority of his life in Southern California in the LA area. He was a free spirit who loved life, travel and his many friends throughout the world. He had a strong faith in a life after death and often comforted his family by telling them not to worry, that spiritually he was fine. In his travels, David spent many months in various monasteries studying meditation, as well as meeting other travelers who he befriended and maintained a lifelong friendship with. He was a strong believer in holistic medicine and declined conventional medicine in his journey to get better. He worked hard at getting better and everyone was amazed at his strength and commitment. David chose not to have a service, and we will honor his decision.
“What if the spell of a place falls upon a youthful heart, and the bright horizon calls!
Many a thing will keep till the world’s work is done, and youth is only a memory.
When the old enchanter came to my door, laden with dreams, I reached out with both hands. For I know that he would not be lured with the gold that I might offer later, when age had come upon me.” Viking’s Wake, Richard J. MacCullaugh

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