No to health insurance cartels, yes to Medicare

1:10 pm April 16th, 2014

By Kathi Acosta
On the surface, some of the benefits being touted by Obamacare supporters seem to be a significant improvement over current conditions. One such claim is “insurance companies can’t drop your coverage when you get sick.” At first glance, one might be led to believe that if you are stricken with an illness that causes you to miss a significant amount of work and are worried about being able to pay your insurance premium, that you have no worries. Your medical bills will be paid. You would be very wrong and need to read the rest of the statement:
Insurance companies can’t drop your coverage when you get sick. Americans no longer need to fear that their insurance company can rescind or take away coverage when they get sick because of an unintentional mistake on an application.
Oh, I see what they are saying. What they really mean is, for instance, you start having seizures and find out that your cousin Vinny and Aunt Susie also suffered with seizures. Under the new law, your insurance company cannot deny payment for treatment for a condition that has not previously been disclosed if you can prove you did not know of the condition and did not intentionally leave it off your application. If you cannot make your premium payment, you will be responsible for 100 percent of the costs for your treatment, which you will not get if you can’t pay. Heed United Healthcare’s warning: “Remember that your plan can deny claims, not verify your coverage with a doctor or stop your coverage for missed payments, so it’s best to keep health insurance premiums paid.”
While the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) forces the health insurance cartel to treat its victims more humanely, it fails horribly in providing healthcare access to everyone – so far only covering about 7 million out of 48 million uninsured. As to more people with a “pre-existing” condition now being able to obtain a health insurance policy, I have to ask what is the difference between being denied coverage and not being able to afford it? There is no way the ACA can succeed, because the foundation it was built over is already rotting and needs to be replaced.
The Affordable Care Act is going to quickly become an oxymoron (much like military intelligence). As long as the health insurance cartel keeps its corporate hands in the till, we will never see a meaningful reduction in insurance costs. The only reason for the health insurance cartel’s existence seems to be to suck up money from the bottom and give it to their CEOs and shareholders, using any means necessary.
We, the premium holders, are the means to their ends, which is creating perpetual wealth for their heirs. Again I have to ask, what are we getting in return for our sacrifices? What service or benefit do we receive for the billions we are paying the insurance cartel? Why do we let them continue to suck the life out of our country?
Say no to Obamacare and the insurance cartels. Say yes to Medicare for all. Call your representatives and tell them you want Medicare for all. Keep calling them until they hear us.

Kathi Acosta is an Eatonville resident.

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