Eyman and followers are bankrupting state

4:43 pm April 18th, 2014

The purpose of this letter is to call your attention to a financial tragedy unfolding now in the state of Washington. I discovered this financial event as part of research that I was completing for the Transition 2030 research project. This research project has two web sites: and
Even though the state is over $20 billion in debt, and the Legislature has not been able to pass a transportation package, Tim Eyman and his “Voters Want More Choices” is seeking to pass four more initiatives in 2014. These are described at
In 2013, Mr. Eyman’s efforts to lower taxes with I-1053 and I-1185 were found unconstitutional by the state Supreme Court.
In the name of “tax savings,” Eyman and “Voters Want More Choices” are at the same time taking money away from public education systems, public transit systems, DSHS, and police and fire departments that protect them. He is trying to take a state that is already $20 billion in debt into bankruptcy.
I advocate for Washington to completely replace its current tax system with a moderately progressive income tax. This is described at This idea has passed the Legislature (Republican and Democratic) five times in the past. I believe that if the voting public were shown facts about the budget in 2014, they would support a progressive state income tax. 
Also, personal and corporate income taxes are deductible from federal income taxes. Forty-one states have state income taxes.                                                     
Eric Paulsen

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  1. Robert Thomas Reply

    April 21, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    I think it more likely that the state’s total wage bill coupled with undisciplined entitlement spending has more to do with Washington going bankrupt than Tim Eyman’s initiatives do. It’s basic Keynesian economics. Perhaps if economics was taught in high school the public might understand the issues instead of having to choose between flavors of rhetoric. Now there’s an initiative I’d support!

  2. Pat Roley Reply

    May 15, 2014 at 8:35 am

    There is no such thing as a moderately progressive tax system! It is just plain progressive and we have a very bad example of what happens when any kind of a progressive tax system is implemented: and it is called the State of Washington current tax system! But, the tax system isn’t the problem. Spending money is the problem. Even when the economy was booming, what was the cry from our legislators: we need more money. How many times has the gasoline tax been increased with the rallying cry of “this will fix our transportation system for good”. Only to find out later that it was never going to fix our roads. What just happened in King County with the failed proposition to increase funding to save Metro bus service is a classic example of what is wrong with our government. The proposition would have added money to the annual car tab fee and increased the county wide sales tax. In the literature from the ‘pro’ side was a breakdown of how the increased funding would have been allocated. 18% would have gone to increased administration…really! These governmental agencies have more administration than is imaginable and they wanted to take almost 20% of the increased funding to expand the bureaucrats. Until the ‘fat and waste’ is cleared out of government and government becomes responsible, Tim Eyman’s initiatives will continue to pass. Plain and simple: people are fed up with the status quo. The status quo and more taxes are not working.

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