Where do you think money for benefits comes from?

4:11 pm May 16th, 2014

Brent Sorensen (April 23, “Until government waste stops, let’s pay fewer taxes”) is right on, and describes government waste and taxes perfectly. Those who pay no taxes, are on entitlement programs, etc. don’t have a clue about businesses and working folks who do pay taxes.
And, to set things straight, those on Social Security are not receiving federal entitlement benefits, as it is now called. The older generation have paid into Social Security for decades at a rate that if their money had been invested in personal accounts, we would be millionaires in retirement years. As it is, older people find themselves still having to work and still paying Social Security taxes.
Those of us who also have small, home-based businesses pay double Social Security for employees, even if that is one employee. Plus, L&I insurance, unemployment insurance, tax on office equipment (even though we bought the computers, computers, printers, etc.), plus other taxes. It doesn’t leave much for personal income, now does it? So those who think everyone should be on Medicare, that every child should get free meals at school, that any and every person should get the food stamp cards, free phones, free medical service, 99 weeks of unemployment benefits, etc., should grow a brain and ask where all the money to support these freebies comes from. It comes from working citizens and small businesses. No wonder the state and our federal government is going broke borrowing more money than will ever be paid back. Our future is being highjacked.

Claudia Branham

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  1. Ken Reply

    May 17, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    The fact is your future was hijacked many years ago but not by who you think, it was hijacked by the set-up off the Fed in 1913. From there we’ve had booms, busts and bubbles all because the bankers of Europe and America don’t believe in competition in the banking industry. They control the economy and the politicians in the USA. Don’t believe me? Try doing some research but I’ll not convince you with this small response. It will take dedication on your part to uncover how the banking system operates to benefit itself because the Fed is a privately owned corporation. Politicians have loved this arrangement for decades. You see they run for office promising all sorts of entitlements but they don’t have to say how it will be paid for. They simply borrow from the Fed, sell bonds and kick the can down the road. The founders of our country never intended this to happen and many of them fought to get language built into the Constitution to avoid this very problem. At the time 1913 when the Fed was created there had been 3 failed attempts at a Central Bank, the American people were opposed to the banking cartel so the bankers got together and manipulated the public, (with some in congress encouraging them) into thinking the Fed was a NEW governmental program. Little was said to oppose it but it was passed in congress when most of congress was out of Washington DC on Christmas Holiday. Since then the American economy has been used to finance wars, bailing out countries, building up Russia with armaments and of course to stuff the coffers of the cartel via. interest. This was all done on the backs of the American economy, you know the “American Dream”. BTW inflation is a hidden tax on mostly the working Americans and businesses but it doesn’t touch the wealthy and this includes many congressmen and women. Mr. Rothchilds, a banker from Europe said, I care not who makes the laws of a country I only care to control the country’s money and from there I will control the law makers. It’ll take awhile to gather the information you’ll need to understand this but it will be well worth it, for then you know the truth. If you never research this further you should always wonder if your views on this are correct. Best of luck my fellow American, I wish you well.

  2. Robert Thomas Reply

    May 20, 2014 at 10:23 am

    @ Ken, I fail to see how your Libertarian comments are pertinent to Ms. Branham’s observations regarding taxation. Taxation and central banking are two separate issues, and quite frankly a discussion of central banking adds nothing to the subject at hand — expenditures of tax dollars on entitlement programs. Tax increases are due to spending, not central banking. To quote another argument, this is like blaming spoons for people getting fat.

    On a separate but related note inflation is indeed a hidden tax, but it has much more to do more with spiraling production costs (labor & resources) than with central banking policy. The biggest inflationary blips on the horizon for western Washington are the $15 minimum wage and Jay Inslee’s ridiculous idea to raise fuel taxes another 11 cents / gallon. Apparently the elected left won’t stop until Seattle / Tacoma is the new Detroit. But eliminating central banking won’t solve this problem either, balancing the budget will.

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