Guard against wildfires on Memorial Day weekend

8:01 pm May 21st, 2014

The state Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is urging people to exercise caution with fire this Memorial Day Weekend. Wildfire season has started here in Washington, and DNR has already responded to more than 80 wildfires across the state.
Memorial Day is traditionally associated with the start of summer, and the holiday weekend typically brings more people outdoors. As the weather warms, vegetation will quickly dry out and become fuel for wildfires. Because a fire can start quickly and easily, DNR urges everyone to be careful this Memorial Day weekend.
Here are some steps, according to DNR officials, to ensure a fire-safe holiday weekend:
• Only build campfires when and where authorized, and put them completely out.
• Use ample water, and stir until the coals are cool to the touch.
• Make sure all off-road vehicles have a properly functioning catalytic converter or approved spark arrester.
• Dispose of lit smoking materials appropriately.
• Remember that discharging fireworks is illegal on public lands.

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