Terrorist attacks to be simulated

11:09 am June 9th, 2014

Personnel from Pierce Transit and first-responder agencies, including Graham Fire and Rescue and Pierce County Sheriff Department, will participate in a terrorist-response exercise Thursday.
Simulations of attacks on passengers in transit buses will be carried out in two locations – Sprinker Recreation Center in Spanaway and Washington State Fair in Puyallup .
More than 60 volunteers will play the roles of passengers on the buses. A bombing of a bus will be simulated at Sprinker, while terrorists taking passengers hostage will be the scenario at the fairgrounds, officials said.

One Response to Terrorist attacks to be simulated

  1. Eric Watson Reply

    June 9, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    This sounds like adults trying to play. However, when I saw this article, I find a question. Who really is the terrorist of this planet? SO, when I think of US Armies in so many countries and no Armies of any other country in the USA….then remembering our lie to Saddam (If you let us see that you have no weapons of mass destruction we will live you alone….then blew up Bagdad and ….)then there was Clinton blowing up a wedding(Not in our country)thinking it was a militia of some sort, then the other BS we have done to other countries …… I call USA government the terrorist of the planet. America has been such a disruptive country to even its own people and try to justify it one way or another. If you look at all the taxes you pay. Im sure that is to make it so WE THE PEOPLE have to struggle in making the government rich pigs with no sympathy. And we suffer from it. Its sad how the government lies to the public. Starting it in the first fuel shortage issue in the 70s. Then again with more propaganda forcing the fuel prices up….and then the fuel companies brag about how much more they made that year. If you think the oil companies are not tied in with the government….think twice. I believe Bush blew up the Twin Towers….so he can shove this Patriot Act or Home Security crap on us in thinking its to protect us. Man….America is not home of the free. Its home of the tax payer slaves.

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