Street Talk: Fireworks

2:25 pm July 9th, 2014

With another 4th of July over, how do you feel about fireworks? Here’s what The Dispatch heard in random, on-the-street interviews:

"I like it all," Chelle Johnson says about fireworks. (Jim Bryant/The Dispatch)

“I like it all,” Chelle Johnson says about fireworks. (Jim Bryant/The Dispatch)

Janet Morgan: “I’d rather there weren’t any fireworks at all. My sister was injured by them one year. There’s too much carelessness.”

Chris Bivens: “I go with the professional fireworks shows. They’re easier on dogs.”

Chelle Johnson: “I like it all – the shows, doing your own. The shows are more spectacular.”

Jim Peters: “I would love to see them all year. Why not? My grandkids loved it when I set off fireworks for them.”

2 Responses to Street Talk: Fireworks

  1. Tony Sirgedas Reply

    July 9, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    All one had to do was listen in on one of the scanner applications to the dispatch center for most of Pierce County to hear of multiple burn patients, at least three house fires, and many more brush/grass fires all within 2 hours to see what great fun the fireworks were creating. Emergency crews were stretched thin and response times were longer than normal because of the high number of calls due to all this fun. It’s all predictable and preventable.

  2. Eric Watson Reply

    July 23, 2014 at 4:11 am

    Hey Tony, dont you think our tax money needs to be used? It is a job for them to do. If they did not have anything to do ….. it would be like you with nothing to do at work. Just sitting there waiting for someone to tell you ….. there is something to do. So….anticipated, they got something to do. Maybe you should think how much money WE PROPERTY OWNERS pay out in property taxes, Im glad its going to work.

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