County officer is town’s interim police chief

2:40 pm July 24th, 2014

By Pat Jenkins
The Dispatch
The Eatonville Town Council has approved a plan to make a Pierce County Sheriff Department officer the town’s interim police chief.
Council members voted July 14 in favor of Lt. Jim Heishman assuming the chief role on a contract basis. He replaces Jason McGuire, the chief since 2012.
McGuire asked to return to regular patrol duty, said Mayor Mike Schaub. McGuire remained in the chief role pending the council approval of the town’s contract with the county.
Under terms of the contract, the town will pay $25,000 for Heisman’s services. The agreement will expire Dec. 31 unless the town and the county agree to extend it.
Schaub said he and the council must decide before then whether to hire a chief or continue the arrangement through the Sheriff Department. He added there is no plan for the town to possibly receive all of its police services from the county.
Heishman oversees the Sheriff Department’s Mountain Detachment, which is based in Eatonville’s Town Hall building. The unit has 18 deputies assigned to southeast Pierce County, from Spanaway to Mount Rainier.
Eatonville’s Police Department has four officers.

2 Responses to County officer is town’s interim police chief

  1. Eric Watson Reply

    July 24, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    If the City of Eatonville wanted a police station Im sure they would vote for it to happen. It seems to me that Pierce County Sheriff is kinda imposing themselves upon the community when they are not really wanted. The Court in Eatonville was terminated for a simple reason. IT was not wanted. So, maybe the City might want to consider just having a peaceful township and ending the need for law enforcement when the people in Eatonville have it underhand …. just by being great people in a great town. I am from Graham and that police station was also terminated. We the people might need the sheriff …… when we call upon them. It makes our small towns….a family township with open arms. Like the way it use to be when police use to be peace officers.

  2. Tony Sirgedas Reply

    August 8, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    The sheriff’s department is not imposing itself on the Town. Eatonville approached the county for a short term contract to provide an administrator for the Town’s police department when the acting chief requested to step down from the position. The Town asked them to provide someone to lead the department until a decision on a new chief is made. It’s a similar arrangement the county has done with other departments in the past like Lakewood and Milton. Eatonville has had it’s own police station/force for a long time.
    The court was moved to Bonney Lake as part of the Town’s efforts to be fiscally responsible and reduce costs.
    Your Graham substation left when the sheriff’s office realigned a lot of their facilities, in particular the Mountain Detachment on Eatonville Cutoff Road (now in the Town of Eatonville) and on South Hill covering Graham from both locations.

    Eatonville is a great town and has great public servants at all levels.

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