Fires at Mount Rainier doused by rain

3:48 pm August 14th, 2014

A fire in the Shadow Lake of Mount Rainier National Park, ignited by lightning the night of Aug. 11, was extinguished by heavy rain the following evening, park officials reported.
The rainstorm poured more than an inch of rain on the half-acre fire, leaving the perimeter cold, officials said. Firefighters were pulled off the fire midway through the storm due to danger from lightning and the drenching rain. On Thursday, firefighters were monitoring warm spots on the interior of the burned area.
While located in the backcountry, the fire was on the far edge of the park’s Sunrise area. Due to dry conditions and stretched resources, park management made the decision to suppress the fire, officials said. But Mother Nature took her own action and extinguished the fire with a downpour.
A section of the Wonderland Trail that was closed after the fire was reported has since reopened.
Another fire started by lightning between Monday night and Tuesday morning, this one in the Grand Park area, was doused by almost two inches of rain within three hours of the initial report of smoke, officials said.

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