A hearty and warm "thank you” to Eatonville Family Agency’s very generous supporters during the 2016 Christmas season. We are so very grateful for the partnerships in this community to help fight hunger in the Eatonville area.

Christmas baskets have been provided to families in need over this season. We expected this Christmas to be our busiest yet, given rising food and housing costs and an increase in senior clients and those working. People on low incomes are already struggling to meet daily living costs and buying basic Christmas gifts for children, which places tremendous demands on budgets that are already stretched to the limit. Over 1,100 were served in December; of these, 320 were children. These numbers are shocking to us, as well.

Every day we are so amazed how our community steps up and goes above and beyond what has been done before. Over the next year, we are adopting programs that we feel will be more sustainable for our community. Stay tuned for a rollout of these services that assess and assist these families’ struggles, and how we can help these families become more self-sufficient.

So please help us continue our work of empowering more and more of our clients and neighbors so that we can distribute less food next year.

Alana Smith

Executive director, Eatonville Family Agency