Eatonville Elementary School is celebrating their second School of Distinction (SOD) award received on October 9, 2018 for sustained improvement in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math over a five-year period. Eatonville Elementary School is one of 91 schools so honoured by the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) and their partner organizations that have recognized schools all over the state for continuous and substantive improvement.

Principal Diane Heersink explains that there are many reasons for the success of her elementary school students. “I believe that our ability to create a sense of affiliation with the school for each student is one of the keys. Students feel that they are safe and a meaningful part of the school. This is the result of many barriers to learning being eliminated.

Also, our staff works tirelessly with best practices and looking at individual student data to make sure they are making growth and achieving success. Our district, school board, parents and community support us and create a situation for success. We thank you all.”
Congratulations to Eatonville Elementary. School’s Staff and Students.