Creativity can be defined as imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. That is the traditional thought of creativity, but, creativity is so much more than that. It is quite literally essential to everything that we do to be successful. Christine Carter of UC Berkeley says, “creativity helps us deal with change, problem solving, affects our social and emotional intelligence, enhances our understanding of math and science, and is a key component to health and happiness.” You see what I mean, everything!

Can Developing Creativity Help Your Child Reach Their Potential?
There are so many things creativity can influence in a child’s lives. It doesn’t stop there. Benjamin Bloom has found that parent’s support and guidance of a child’s curiosity, as well as, supporting them in the things that they enjoy are by far more often an indicator of future success than anything else.

So, what does this mean? In simple terms it means exposing our children in Eatonville Schools to things that help them explore their curiosity and creativity which stimulates their potential. The thought is that if creativity is developed at an early age parents can help children reach their potential.

How to Foster Creativity
Creativity is typically not something that children are born with. While, that definitely happens, more times than not, a child’s creativity has been developed through his or her parents and his/her surroundings.