On January 25th the Eatonville Middle School wrestling team hosted the Seamount League wrestling championship for the first time in the school’s history.  The team came into the middle school league finals with a duel season record of 6-2.  Their two loses were only lost by a few points.  After nearly 20 years of coming close but just missing a first place finish, the Warriors clinched the Seamount League title by over 30 points against their closest opponent of the eight other teams in the league.

"Coach Sidney and I couldn't be prouder of these kids. With only one returning champ from last year we knew it would require tremendous discipline and effort This league has very respectable athletes and coaches, and for a small town group of boys and girls to band together and beat them is quite the accomplishment.  We're already looking forward and training for next year" said head coach Marc Olsen.

Placing in the top four for the Warriors in the tournament were Miles McBean (1st), Riley McFadden (2nd), Brooklyn Jones (2nd), Colby Wood (4th), Owen Van Eaton (1st), Jake Ostendorf (1st), Aiden Eichost (2nd), Lucan LaVergne (4th), Taylor Holland (1st), and Isaiah Duncan (3rd)

Other wrestlers on the team that helped clinched the league title were Tristen Trujillo, Connor Leto, Ethan Vaninetti, Cody Taylor, Waylon Berg, William Evans, Keith Smith, Michael Beaupre, Ashlynn Kistenmacher, Daniel Krumble, AJ Campen, Kadence Wilson-Gerg, Zane Devala, Brooke Ostendorf, Odin Haugh, Abriell Kistenmacher, Lane Haslett, Andrew Wohl, Dana Bazan, Ricky Campbell, Isabella O’Harrow, and Chace Edwards

The Eatonville Middle School Warriors are coached by Marc Olsen, Sidney Miller, Alex Hansen, and Luke McNealy